“There is Freedom
in Forgiveness”
i4give Day will take place
annually on the 1st of Feb


Parents Daniel & Leila Abdallah have created i4give Day as a remembrance of the four angels that were tragically lost on the 1st of February 2020. This is to also help others who have suffered in a similar way. As well as this, it is a National day of forgiveness where you could find someone you can forgive or ask for forgiveness.

“Our four children are now our four saints and this day is for them. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. The more you practice the better you become at it and it allows you to live peacefully and to heal. Forgiveness is more for the forgiver than the forgiven” Danny & Leila Abdallah.

You are encouraged to search your heart and find someone you can forgive on this day. Set them free and feel the freedom of forgiveness.
Special thanks to the Federal and State Government for their support and endorsement of this day.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” Ephesians 4:32

In memory of our 4 angels





i4give Foundation

The i4give Foundation exists to increase community awareness of the power of forgiveness to transform human relationships and to provide resilience toward human flourishing. Forgiveness is at the root of human flourishing and provides a powerful source of resilience to overcome the impact of a wide range of trauma brought on through chronic unforgiveness. We are a Christ-centred Foundation that acknowledges the universal good of forgiveness that transcends all barriers and boundaries of race, nationality and creed. The power of forgiveness is for all. The Foundation is initiating i4give Week from 1 -7 February 2022, beginning the week with i4give Day and following with a week of locally initiated community run forgiveness events and concluding with i4give Sunday, a collaboration of Christian churches in Australia.

i4give Week

1-7 February 2022

i4give Week is a week of forgiveness activities from 1-7 February 2022, commencing with i4give Day on 1 February. i4give Week 2022 seeks to engage all communities and across Australia in a shared embrace of the universal good of forgiveness. During i4give Week 2022, the Foundation will coordinate publicity and events, generate conversation and resources, and attain a high media profile about forgiveness across Australia. These efforts will enable faith communities and community organisations such as schools and charities to engage their communities with the forgiveness message and align appropriate related activities within their settings. We encourage each community group to participate to the conversation, engaging in the spirit of positive collaboration and in keeping with “the greater good” for community reconciliation. Join us by registering your community group/school/church for participation in i4give week events below.

What to expect during i4give Week?

This i4give Day Special Gala Event will launch the message of universal good of forgiveness. The Gala Event will be held on Tuesday 1 February 2022 and will start i4give Week.   The event will be held in the early evening in Sydney with celebration and formalities focused on the power of forgiveness.  This will include speeches by special guests, partner recognition, media coverage and socialising.

The i4give Foundation is planning a thought-provoking media campaign for i4give Week through various media and social media.  These efforts will enable individuals, communities of worship and community organisations such as schools and charities to engage their communities with the forgiveness message and align appropriate related activities within their settings.

i4give Week 2022 seeks to engage all communities and across Australia in a shared embrace of the universal good of forgiveness.  i4give events will be held throughout i4give Week and will include Australian communities, faith groups, minority groups, schools and organisations partnering with us in their own forgiveness initiatives.

i4give Sunday is on 6 February 2022 and serves to engage all Christian churches across Australia to unite in a shared embrace of the Christ centred approach to forgiveness.  In the spirit of Jesus prayer for unity (John 17:21) r Christians are encouraged to engage in conversation around forgiveness and its power to heal and restore broken relationships.  The message of deep forgiveness based in a forgiving God starts within and among churches and going out from there into the community.

As partners, Christian Churches and communities are encouraged to pray for reconciliation found in forgiveness through Jesus Christ during i4give Week in Australia.

Registering your Community Group, School or Church


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The greatest miracle is that there’s forgiveness for all that’s wrong with us. There’s forgiveness from all we’ve failed to live up to because of our inadequacies. There’s forgiveness from our wounds, from all that’s left us physically, emotionally, and spiritually limping and cold. There’s forgiveness from injustice, from the unfairness we suffer ourselves and from the hurt which we inflict knowingly or unknowingly on others. There’s forgiveness from our mistakes, our moral failures, our infidelities, our crimes, our sins. There’s forgiveness from relationships gone sour, from marriages, families, friendships, and institutions that have been torn apart by misunderstanding, hatred, selfishness, abuse, and violence. Nothing falls outside the scope of the power to forgive, to resurrect, restore, live with loss, grief and make new, fresh, innocent, and joyful again.

Our lives, to a greater or lesser extent, all end up incomplete, broken, unfairly ripped away from us, and causing hurt to others because of our weaknesses, infidelities, sin, and malice; and still, it can all wash clean again. There’s new life after all the ways we’ve gone wrong in this world. And that comes through forgiveness. There’s nothing more healing or miraculous, than a moment of reconciliation, a moment of forgiveness. Our hearts that are frozen and dead from disappointment, bitterness, anger, separation, and hatred can beat again.

In witnessing the warmth and love break through families who are not captive of a bitter and angry heart, we are seeing something that’s not just another instance of normal life, of ordinary unfolding. we are seeing newness, restoration, redemption, resurrection, forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most astonishing miracle we will ever see or experience this side of eternity. It, alone, makes for the possibility peace in our world.

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We thank you deeply for your continuous support throughout the announcement of i4give Day. Many of you have expressed interest into the cause, therefore we have created this foundation to further support this National day of forgiveness. We thank you in advance for your donations in supporting hope and forgiveness.

Whilst we are in the process of applying for a deductible gift recipient status with the ATO/ACNC, we unfortunately will be unable to issue tax invoices and our donors will be unable to claim a tax deduction at this time for any donations made. We will update our status as soon as it changes.

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